The research results will be of value to various stakeholders: the study partners, the midwifery academies, the KNOV, national, provincial and local governments, health insurers, professionals, clients and the Midwifery Knowledge Portal.

Study partners
- NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research)
- EMGO+ Institute (Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine is one of five research institutes of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Midwifery academies
- Midwifery Academy Amsterdam / Groningen
- Verloskunde Academie Rotterdam (Training for Midwife (Bsc)
- University of Midwivery Education & Studies Maastricht

Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives

National government
- Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Provincial and municipal authorities
- Regional Support Structure Primary Care
- Provincial midwifery networks
- Antenatal centres
- Clinical genetics centres
- Primary care centres

Health insurers

- General Practitioners
- Midwives
- Gynaecologists
- Paediatricians
- Maternity carers


Midwifery Knowledge Portal