Project implementation

The research proposal will be finalized in early 2008. The project timetabling and implementation will run concurrently with a field consultation exercise, through which all stakeholders will be involved in designing and defining a methodology for the study. The Deliver study will use an integrated data collection system; in other words, data will be collected by professionals, practice personnel and clients. Various collection methods will be employed, including the extraction of National Midwifery Register data and pregnancy card data, questionnaires, interviews and possibly video recording of discussions between midwives and their clients.

The intention is that a number of postgraduate research projects will be started at the same time as the Deliver study. The researchers will preferably be midwives with master's degrees and their work is expected to be followed by further scientific development and application. Lecturers will be encouraged to acquire further research implementation skills through participation in the study. Furthermore, midwifery students will have the opportunity to spend time working on the project.