Central questions

Over the course of a year, information about the same process will be collected in various ways. The data collection will be by midwives, midwifery practice personnel and clients. The central questions to be addressed by Deliver are:

  • What is the quality of the care provided by midwives (professional quality of pre-conceptional, antenatal, natal and postnatal care, communication, client safety, client perceptions)?
  • How is primary midwifery organized (gatekeeper function, role division, harmonization, responsibilities, cooperation, continuity of care, ICT, student supervision)?
  • How accessible is midwifery care (proximity, care consumption, midwifery problems at GP service point)?

Research fields

Care  domain                       

Quality of care

Organization of care

Accessibility of care

Pre-conception care

Midwife's gatekeeper function and referral lines


Antenatal care

Role division

Care consumption

Delivery care

Internal/external cooperation

Midwifery problems at GP service point


Postnatal care

Continuity of care


Other quality indicators

Client perceptions, risk perceptions and satisfaction



Communication and health information provision

Primary midwifery in the future


Client safety

Student supervision